The way the British and US press have been talking about standing desks recently, anybody would think working standing up was a new idea!  The truth is, (though we’ve been doing it in Sweden for years and producing adjustable and standing desks to help us do it), there really is nothing new about increasing the height of your desk and getting up on your feet.   According to historical records, Leonardo da Vinci was at it centuries ago – painting the Mona Lisa whilst standing at his easel and designing flying machines at a stand up desk.

In truth, the real benefit of an adjustable sit-stand desk is the opportunity it offers to vary posture - something any ergonomist will tell you is the essence of good health and reduced risk.

You can read more about the benefits of sit-stand below and investigate how one company has introduced the concept to their call-centre to great effect.

(Video Right) Sit-Stand in Wimbledon, at Unibet.

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