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Operating in over 14 countries across Europe and the US, over 80,000 companies trust Creditsafe to protect them from the threat of bad debt. With 10 company credit reports downloaded every second, Creditsafe are the world's most used supplier of credit and business information.

From their call-centre in Caerphilly, Wales, a team of young professionals are dedicated to both developing new business and supporting their vast customer base.

As part of a move to a new floor for their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) team, Kinnarps supplied their new Series P, electronically adjustable, sit-stand desks. The result is a vibrant workplace with engaged employees.

Mark Griffiths, Creditsafe CRM Manager, says “I was pleasantly surprised that when we moved into the new floor and changed the desks to adjustable sit-stand models, the teams who were used to sitting at work all day immediately embraced the concept and chose to stand for more of the time.”

“Before the change it wasn’t such a lively environment. We now utilise the new desks to their full potential. We can have better business conversations, we sound better on the phone, we look and feel better and we’re active.”

“Using the flexibility of adjustable desks keeps our staff sharp and focused, engaging with customers and working well as a team. It means our business is both dynamic and efficient.”

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