Shinnarps ?

You'd think it would make sense to say Kinnarps as it is spelt - K as in Kellogs or Kraft foods - but in the Swedish language the K is pronounced in a very soft way.

It is actualy quite difficult, unless you are a good linguist, for UK natives to get their vocal chords around the pronunciation of the K.

It's somewhere between 'Sh' and 'Ch' - so you'll hear most people say 'Shinnarps'.

We did contemplate just using the hard K 'Kinnarps' in the UK but in discussions with customers and press colleagues it seemed a popular 'sport' to be "in the know"... the secret of how to pronounce Kinnarps with a Swedish accent.

We don't mind how you pronounce it - we're happy you're talking about us.

Shinnarps, Chinnarps, Kinnarps - we're still the same company when you come and meet us!!