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Utilise space well to become more efficient and greener.

Kinnarps combines dynamic planning and flexible office furniture to help you utilise your space to a maximum. Better use of space means that you need less of it, which in turn reduces your energy costs and thus also your carbon footprint. How can we help you?

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Reduce your power bills and your carbon footprint.

Changing your lighting will bring about many benefits. The right kind of lighting not only reduces your power bills and your carbon footprint, it also creates a more stimulating work environment for your employees. Kinnarps offers integrated lighting solutions – from individual workstations to the needs of an entire workplace. How can we help you?

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Greener and more efficient meetings

Meet in a more cost-effective, environmentally friendly and more comfortable way. Kinnarps' flexible meeting furniture can be rearranged as required and saves space. In combination with proven modern technology, it’s easy to run successful meetings without expensive business trips. How can we help you?

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Combine durability and flexibility for the future

High-quality furniture is an equally strong argument for the environment and your budget. For us at Kinnarps, this means that the furniture has an extra long life, in terms of both function and form. Our furniture is based on a modular approach, making it easy to complement and modify in response to changing needs. How can we help you?

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