Lighting & energy

By using low-energy lighting, combining ergonomic task lighting with up-lighters and introducing energy saving initiatives, you can save all round.
Here are some ideas:



Introduce cost-saving lighting
Combining up-lighters and task lighting you can reduce your electricity costs by as much as 35% whilst improving the ergonomics in the office.


Use low energy lighting
Use low energy lighting. You can save up to 90% of energy by switching to low energy lamps.


Only light where needed
Use movement sensors in low traffic areas, switching off the lights when people are not there.


Monitor your energy
Do you need to have the same temperature in all rooms or the ventilation systems on 24/7? Monitoring devices can help you track and adjust your energy needs and use.


Faulty light repairs
Flickering lights should be repaired as soon as possible as they us more electricity and waste money.


Maximise circulation
Utilise automatic door closures to maintain heat inside the areas you want it and to avoid draughts that will cause the heating systems to work harder. If safety procedures allow it, open doors and windows in the summer rather than use expensive cooling systems.


Beware the phone charger
Phone chargers waste money if you leave them on. O2 estimate that as little as 5% of the energy used by phone chargers in the UK is passed on to the phone!


Utilise auto-switches
Place timers on electrical equipment at your workstation such as computers, monitors and chargers, so they are only powered when you need them. This is good for other equipment such as vending machines too.


Review your equipment
For example, replace old CRT monitors with more modern flat screen types. The old style screens use up to 50% more energy and therefore cost a lot more to run.


Maximise nature’s energy
Placing high units against windows will also diminish the natural energy of the sun (heat and light). Blinds can be used to trap heat in the evenings, saving on the need for heating systems to cut in.

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