Quality & flexibility

Taking the long-term view and thinking to repair, add to, or adapt will pay dividends to both you and the planet. High quality is an investment on both economic and environmental counts. Here are our best do-it-yourself tips for quality and flexibility.



Keep it flexible and adaptable
Flexible furniture - easy to add to and adjust - make more long-living, economical and environmentally sound solutions. You don’t need to change all your office furniture but can complement only what you need to in an efficient and well-designed way.


Buy long-lasting quality
Buy products that offer longevity through long lasting quality. This will safeguard your investment, deliver better value and save resources.


Timeless design
By using timeless design and classic thinking you will avoid being in or out of trendy fashion but always be relevant. It will save you the cost of constantly updating and will reduce the need for replacement.


Guarantees and service – secure your investment
Invest in quality furniture that carries a guarantee and is proven to be durable. Equally a supplier with a good service record will extend the longevity of your chosen products.


Freshen up and re-use
Don’t automatically throw away equipment just because it isn’t 100% - can it be refurbished or repaired?


Before recycling or worse, throwing away, consider if a redundant piece of equipment, such as furniture, has life and value for someone else.


Do you need something forever?
Renting your equipment means you may never own it and it is returned to the manufacturer at the end of its life. You merely buy the service the product delivers, not the hardware. This puts pressure on manufacturers to produce more recyclable products and is less expensive for you.


Shout about your own credentials
If you have invested in quality, make the most of going green by publicising it – this make you more attractive and will bring you more business.


Opt for quality in-house environments – all the way
Always use environmentally friendly cleaning products as far as possible. Introduce more plants – they clean the air and make your workplace environmentally friendlier and more pleasant.


Good food – green food
Change to fair-trade and/or organic coffee and tea. Are there local producers of organic food in your area? Use them for a greener and more enjoyable lunch experience.

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