'Think Green. Save Money' Seminar Presentations

As part of our 'Think Green.Save Money' campaign we are running a series of seminars nationally - all details can be found at  http://www.kinnarps.com/en/uk/TGSMseminar

Should you wish  to view any of the presentations displayed at the Seminars, please click on the pdf links below: -

Alex Gifford - Kinnarps head of design

With many years experience in office design and planning, Alex will explain how savings can be made through careful consideration of available space, by thinking outside the standard and using resources more effectively. Creating a dynamic, ergonomic and highly efficient workspace is both economically sound and environmentally beneficial.



Steve Willis - Technical Manager - Luxo lighting

Explaining how LG7- the industry lighting guidelines - are best met with a different approach to the standard strip lighting of most offices, Steve will present the introduction of task lighting and uplighters to show how organisations can benefit from a more ergonomically inviting workplace as well as making energy savings by as much as 35%.

Think Green Luxo Presentation.pdf


George Bartley - Managing Director - Building Sustainability

If you have knowledge of how and where you are using energy you can make informed decisions that will bring cost savings and improve your carbon footprint. George will demonstrate new technologies that can be incorporated quickly and simply into the workplace to bring energy management to life.