Meetings & Travel

Thinking carefully about ways to meet and how to reduce travel time will bring benefits to both purse and planet. Here are some ideas:



Introduce dynamic meeting spaces
Meeting space need not be a costly conference room. Use break-out furniture within your open-plan, or add a meeting shape to existing desks where needed.


Introduce new technology for conferencing
By using web, phone or video conferencing rather than expensive travel you will save costs and reduce your carbon footprint substantially


Booking systems
Electronic booking systems can quickly pay for themselves by maximising the use of meeting rooms and reducing the energy consumption needed to keep a room on ‘standby’ all day long. You may even find you need fewer rooms.


Use sensible venues
When holding conferences, try and use venues that allow people to use public transport to get there, and with good transport links. This is likely to result in lower travel expenses and will reduce the carbon footprint of your event.


Incentivise eco-travel
Incentivise the use of public transport – especially for business trips – to reduce your expenses bill and the carbon footprint of the workforce.

26 Drive well
Offering your staff a simple training course in eco-driving can reduce your fuel bill by 14% according to research and will greatly improve your corporate carbon footprint.

Corporate Travel
Train journeys can be as much as 75% more CO2 efficient than flying. If you plan well ahead they are often much cheaper too.

28 Pool cars
Have Pool Cars so that staff who do need to drive to meetings can still commute by public transport and just use a car for a short time. Reduce the need for company cars and the corporate carbon footprint.

Service your IT remotely
By using remote access systems to maintain and update your staff’s IT programmes you remove the need for costly travel by support staff.


Introduce e-learning
Staff can be trained remotely too, by using the internet to distribute and present training modules, removing the staff for trainers to travel.

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