The IUCN Story


Surface Areas
• Ground external surface: 7,000 m2
• Built surface 3,400 m2
• Gross floor area surface: 5,400 m2
• Atrium, terrace and balcony: 1,900 m2
• Parking in the sub-basement: 2,200 m2

• 25 million Swiss francs

• Over 130  workspaces on 2,000 m2

• Through all aspects of design and construction, IUCN is working to achieve the highest U.S. Green Building Council standard rating: LEED Platinum (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). IUCN’s goal is to be the first office building in Europe with LEED Platinum certification.  
• MINERGIE-P-ECO®. The MINERGIE standard is a voluntary, Swiss-based construction standard that promotes the rational use of energy and use of renewable energy sources. It mitigates negative environmental impacts and sets high demands in terms of comfort. 

Water Efficiency
• High efficiency drinking water system
• Rain water is collected on the roof and used to flush toilets and irrigate the garden
• Waterless urinals

 Energy Efficiency
• Geothermal heat pump reversible: 15 wells at 180 meters deep.
• Heating and cooling through thermal mass of concrete
• Production of hot water through recuperation of heat on refrigerators.
• 100% of the energy consumption comes from renewable sources
• A photovoltaic installation producing 145MW per year.
• 27% of that energy is used to run the building, which covers 20% of its total energy need.

• The most innovative and low consumption lighting system available: EU Energy Label – Class A
• Presence and daylight sensors to optimise the use of artificial lighting
• Maximization of daylight through skylights

Materials and Resources
• Minimal use of materials  - no cladding or painted surfaces
• 40% of concrete from recycled sources
• Innovative use of thermal concrete to reduce heating energy consumption

Indoor Environmental Quality
• A building and site that explicitly supports a healthy work and lifestyle, interaction and innovation.
• A decentralized CO2 controlled air supply system.
• Balconies and adjustable blinds to avoid overheating in summer and allow passive solar gain in winter, while taking advantage of natural light.
• Climate control system which draws fresh air from the balcony that surrounds the top floor