Kinnarps Leasing & Rental

The combination of our Quickstart Stock and Finance options
gets you fitted out now... with very low cost up front!

In today’s fast moving business climate, Kinnarps gives you the
flexibility to respond to the internal and external demands of your
business with Quickstart Stock and simple financing options.

In our easy 3 point plan you’ll get the benefit of an exciting, efficient new
workspace now without tying up much needed cash.

Step 1
: Kinnarps provides free expert advice and space planning to find the
solution that best suits your needs. We’ll supply drawings and 3D visuals to
bring the ideas to life.

Step 2
: When you’re happy and the solution is finalised, we present a
quotation, complete with finance options to spread the cost on a monthly
basis over 3 years or so.

Step 3
: Once you’ve placed the order, our own trained and uniformed
fitters will deliver and fit (all included in the one quote) your new office and
remove all waste, leaving you ready to go. If you choose our most popular
furniture from Quickstart stock this may be within a fortnight.

That’s it. 3 steps and in less than 3 weeks you’ll be benefiting from a new
office.You’ll then be paying as little as £1 a day for a complete workstation with a
height adjustable desk, ergonomic task chair and pedestal storage. And if
you need to top-up along the way, we’ll be there to advise and support you.
You rent your office space… You rent you photocopiers… You rent your
business cars… Why not rent or lease your furniture?


Hold on to your Cash!

Kinnarps leasing gives you an alternative line of funding* which protects your other lines of credit
such as loan or overdraft facilities and keeps your cash in your business.

The one-stop solution.

Kinnarps can provide all the furnishings required for a complete project, so you only need one supplier and one agreement.

Increase your financial strength!

Improve your workplace, spread the cost and use the cash flow benefit to grow your business.

Flexible finance and flexible furniture.

You can adapt your furniture during the period, reconfiguring to meet new demands and adding to it for changing situations.

Don’t burden your balance sheets

Concentrate on running your business without worrying about financing a complete change now out of existing working capital resources.

Security and peace of mind.

Insurance can be included in the leasing or rental agreement*, so you have peace of mind that your new furniture is already covered.

Fixed monthly payments!

Interest rates can be fixed at the start of the lease which makes financial planning easy.

Flexible payment terms.

Either operating or finance leasing contracts can be structured to fit your business requirements
including length of lease and cost per month.

Tax deductible payments!

Payments made under an operating lease are treated as an operating cost, reducing the taxable profit of your business by 100% of the charges.

Different options to suit you.

At the end of the term you can have options, such as outright purchase for a ‘peppercorn’ sum or
returning the furniture and starting afresh.



* All finance and terms are subject to status