If you have chairs which appear to have ‘seen better days’ you may like to call upon our refurbishment service to bring your seating back to near-original condition. With the extremely high quality of the frames and mechanisms in our chairs, reupholstering can prolong the life of your existing furniture for many years.


Funding a refurbishment project via your operational budget might bypass those capital budget constraints and bring that enhanced working environment to life sooner than ever. Via our expert partner organisations we can offer:

  • Collection and return of seating for off-site work, or services on-site;


  • Re-upholstery;


  • Refurbishment of component padding and framework structure;


  •  Leather embossing, embroidery and logo incorporation;


Other parts of the seating – such as wooden legs or metalwork components - will also be cleaned and reconditioned as far as possible, to ensure the chair looks its best ‘in its new skin’.

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