An Agile Workspace

Below is a summary of our 'Welcome to Work' book, which explores the research and thinking behind our London workplace design. You can download a copy here >>> Welcome to Work

Our new space in Clerkenwell is designed to bring to life the agile working concept described by Prof Jeremy Myerson in his latest book: "New Demographics, New Workspace".

Prof Myerson says: "New Demographics New Workspace: Office Design for the Changing Workforce, upholds democratic, human-centric values in office design and reaffirms the importance of providing concentration, collaboration and contemplation spaces for activity-based working.

It is very satisfying that Kinnarps UK has chosen to adopt these principles in planning its new Clerkenwell showroom, in effect putting into practice many of the ideas that we have shaped together over more than a decade of joint research. I wish the company well in its quest to develop the right furniture solutions for the office environment of the 2st century – an environment in which people should always come first."

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There's a trend towards knowledge work - away from people processing information.
Coupled with the change in the workforce demographic, demands for a new kind of workplace are growing.

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Numerous studies show as many as 50% of workstations are empty at any one time in an office. The mobility of wireless technology is giving workers the freedom to work wherever they want.

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Making space for collaborative work is not simply a case of creating a series of meeting rooms.There are as many settings suitable for collaboration as there are way of collaborating.

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 Balancing the trend towards designing the workplace for teams to work closely together is vital for today's knowledge workers. The alternative, quiet, reflective spaces are as important to the mix of settings in the modern office.

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Taking time to stop and consider is a much needed, but often over-looked, aspect of working life.

Whether taking time to reflect and think of new ideas, or simply recharing the batteries and taking stock; the power of contemplation is an often ignored activity.

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