In February 2015 we launched the Kinnarps Trend Report - WORKPLACE AND LIFESPACE DESIGN FOR THE DIVERSE DECADE. This is the culmination of a year-long exercise to combine the thoughts and predictions of a group of international experts into one report. The result is a compulsive read for anyone responsible for office design, people or innovation in the workplace. 

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We have identified a series of trends, which we believe will affect the future of workplace design. We see these trends as representing a ‘Diverse Decade’, because the overarching theme is the increasing diversity of the workforce, not just in terms of gender and age, but in terms of working styles, forms of employment and mind-sets. The report introduces five key trends that are fuelling this diversity, examines the impact they will have on working life and suggests ways that designers can provide for them in their workplace design strategies.

Design for Diversity

How design must meet the needs of many.

One size fits no one in today’s modern workforce, which is more diverse than ever.
This continuous shift and development calls for a redrawing of not only workplace policies but the workspace itself, from architecture to furniture.

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How our work environment is adapting to our minds and bodies.

Health is wealth, they say. Today, our cognitive cogs, and the diversity between them are being increasingly seen as equally important to our physical needs in the workplace.

Research within pyschology lets our minds take as much space as our bodies in design development, laying out a set of opporutinities for creating a healthy as well as efficient environment.

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How Analogue and Digital Architecture Create The New Workplace.

Architecture and technology interaction is a main driver in the next great design shift.  Digital solutions for more seamless ways of work are already here, making those who seize these opportunities winners in the coming decade of diversity.  We are living in the age of Techiture and designing for workplaces adapted to human relevance, not hardware dominance, is the key to the future employee environment.

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How We Colloborate Without Borders.

Radical openness, total transparency and an open source mindset are setting the stage for creation and collaboration without borders - a stage on which design has a leading role.

Collaborating and creating together - from anywhere, at any time, in small companies as well as large corporations - is becoming simpler and smoother, and these new possibilities are impacting the design of everything from small objects to work stations and whole buildings.

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How Our Connected Lives Give Way To More Individual Connections.

Borderlessness distinguishes the modern workforce, with people constantly moving from one place to another and the task at hand being accessible through the virtual cloud across continents and countries.  This drives a change where the growth of independent workers - freelancers, the self-employed, consultants and contractors - reflects and entrepreneurial surge of start-ups and sole proprietorships.  In search of supportive places to work beyond home office and internet cafes, this brings the emergence of a new category of workspace, and design will follow suit.

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On Thursday 12th February 2015, we invited guests to the launch of Kinnarps 2015 Trend Report at WWF-UK's BREEAM Outstanding, award-winning headquarters in Woking.  Please click on the attached link below, to view videos from the day.

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