Healthy Interiors

Fewer employees managing more work tasks? Incurring increasing costs for absence due to illness and rehabilitation? Kinnarps has many years of experience creating healthy, efficient working environments in which employees are happy and feel good.


The right space for each employee

One size doesn’t always fit all when it comes to office space. At Kinnarps we know that every individual has different needs; whether that’s because of their role in the company, where they sit, or their particular size or space requirements. Ergonomics is the key – and we know how to make it work for every employee.

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A healthy office for everyone

It’s obvious – when people feel good at work, they work better and harder. When staff satisfaction and profitability are at stake, a happy office environment is essential.

An office designed with your employees in mind makes them feel valued and inspired and can help reduce staff illness.
Personal ergonomics has always been central to our office design and layout solutions.

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