Kinnarps becomes Haltias Corporate Partner


Kinnarps Oy and the Finnish Nature Centre Haltia have signed an agreement on corporate partnership. Kinnarps will supply Haltia with chairs and office furniture. Kinnarps was selected as Haltia’s partner because their furniture provides the perfect complement to Haltia’s modern and ecological architecture.

The Finnish Nature Centre Haltia has selected a number of corporate partners through tendering. The partnership with Kinnarps enables Haltia to have furniture that fits in with its service promise of ecologically sound operations as its cornerstone.

A Finnish family business founded in 1990, Kinnarps Oy is responsible for the sales and marketing of the Kinnarps Group’s interior solutions and services in Finland.

Kinnarps is known not only for their high-quality products but also for their extensive environmental work and investments in a variety of environmental projects. Kinnarps uses wood from FSC-certified forests for their products and is also involved in developing FSC activities. Kinnarps strives to reduce their ecological footprint in a number of different ways – one example of their nature-respecting values is their furniture delivery: the furniture arrives at its destination wrapped in blankets. After delivery, the blankets are returned to the factory to protect the next batch of furniture.

“Kinnarps also supports our values of responsibility and aesthetics,” says Timo Kukko, Managing Director of Haltia, giving another reason for the choice of partner.

“Our partnership with Haltia is the realisation of our common values and our ecologically sound operations,” says Henrik Slotte, Managing Director of Kinnarps Oy.

“We want to be involved in an initiative that demonstrates the balance between protecting nature and using natural resources in a sustainable way. We will be contributing to the Finnish Nature Centre Haltia’s principal aim of ensuring that authentic natural environments will be preserved for our grandchildren to enjoy.”

Haltia’s exhibitions will showcase the gems of Finnish nature. Haltia’s Nature School and hiking information service encourage people to venture out on an excursion into the outdoors. Haltia, located next to Nuuksio National Park in Solvalla, Espoo, will open to the public on 31 May 2013.

Further information:
Finnish Nature Centre Haltia, Managing Director Timo Kukko, tel. +358 500 186 182
Kinnarps Oy, Managing Director Henrik Slotte, tel. +358 207 561 202