Introducing Capella!


We are delighted to introduce our new task chair... Capella. Incorporating state-of-the-art technology - which guarantees a comfortable and ergonomic sitting position - with a very stylish look. Watch the video to be introduced!

Capella, which has been designed by Johan Larsvall, incorporates a so-called FreeMotion® mechanism that creates the best conditions for active sitting through well-balanced micro-movements in the seat.   But that's not all: user-friendly control and adjustment functions, which, amongst other things, make it easy to adjust seat depth, mean that the chair is the perfect option in activity-based environments where it's used by lots of different people. Capella is available in a range of different finishes. And those of you who want to make your own unique mark will be pleased to know that the seat is of course available in all the fabrics in Kinnarps' large fabric range.