Tech & Trends Report


What did we learn from the 2013 Tech & Trends Briefings? Having hosted Cordless Consultants' annual briefing sessions thsi week, one of the facinating topics was their "Top Ten Gadgets" that will rise in popularity in 2013. They may not all have implications for businesses directly but our lives are becoming more and more driven by technology and the blur between what we use at home and what we use at work is moving to become one. Bring your own devices (BYOD) and mobility will be key to how we shape our work-life balance in an increasingly tech-led world. Here's the Cordless Consultants 'Top Ten Gadgets':

1. Google Glasses: fancy a fighter pilot's view of the world but with your own 'life data' being flashed before your eyes? Well these could be for you. They've been promised for sometime but Cordless tip them as the 'will be big' in the latter part of 2013.
Watch the promotional video>
We prefer the spoof video (the Brits do love satire!) which some believe is closer to reality. What do you think?
Watch the spoof video>

2. 3D printing: Soon to become affordable at home. You might download a template of, say, a teapot and then customise the design before 'printing' it ready for immediate use.
The negative buzz is how many guns could be printed at home in the US?

3. Personal Health: Gadgets to track and monitor your health anf fitness, such as belts that help you assume the correct posture or trainers that talk to you about your morning run.
We love the talking fork that tells you if what you are eating is healthy!

4. New Form Mobiles: With the mobile phone becoming the 'does it all - can't do without it' posession, their shape, durability and flexibility will begin to change. Waterproof, robust, drop-proof, fold out, slide out, pop-up. Every manufacturer is looking for a competitive edge.

5. Phablets: The merging of the phone and the tablet wil produce this new gadget - the Phablet.
Applie is rumoured to be leading the way with an iPhone+ soon to be launched.

6. Smarter TVs: Loads of new innovations, including much higher definition, will be able to be upgraded later within your new TV.

7. Facial Recognition: unlocking your phone by looking at it is just the start of facial recognition.

8. Improving Voice Control: 2013 is seen as the year when it comes of age to really go 'hands-free'.

9. Sixth Sense: Gesture control to turn pages and interact with software. Minority Report becomes real.

10. Better NFC: Near Field Communications will be become standard (are we waiting for Apple to catch up?) to enable the fast delivery of marketing communications, unlock doors and a whole host of 'switches' at the touch of a phone.

Aside from the Gadgets, the business trends identified were more IP Enabled buildings; more sophisticated users / buyers; Micro Sectors becoming big business; Production Values rising (putting experience in the spotlight); and the number one: Cyber Risk - more than just cyber crime including how your brand can survive online.

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