Most people think of travel and holidays in terms of destination, with the flight being our means of getting there. But what if the flight was the destination? Aircruise is that destination; it’s a modern airship, a clipper in the clouds, a floating hotel which sails the world.

Designed by award winning SeymourPowell the Aircruise is a 265m-high octahedral structure, enclosed by four modular hydrogen-filled sails. 

Its unprecedented lift-to-payload ratio opens up new possibilities in travel, with enough room for luxury apartments and lofty public spaces, where a hundred guests can live, dine and relax in style and comfort, surrounded by windows to the sky and landscape.

Its clean and sustainable - lift is provided by hydrogen, the lightest gas, and is powered by large hydrogen fuel cells.

The four external envelopes contain modular self-sealing lifting bags, minimising the incidence of bag rupture and ensuring safe flight even with a major external skin tear. Its construction invokes the very latest advances in materials, structures, stabilisation and clean propulsion technologies. And it can move in three dimensions, gliding above the clouds or descending to a few hundred feet for some serene sightseeing.

Featured in tech, luxury and business publications as well as mainstream media, Aircruise won the Condé Nast Traveller Innovation & Design Award 2010.

Seymour Powell have since sold the IP to Samsung C&T, who intend to build similar kinds of lightweight constructions, and eventually, the Aircruise itself.

More information and inspiring video and images can be seen on the SeymourPowell website.