Beyond Time & Motion



How can we create workplaces that support the productivity, effectiveness and wellbeing of our most expensive resource – the workforce? And how do we stop our people drowning in data as the digital hamster wheel speeds ever faster for the average employee?

Over the past year Prof Myerson's research team has been looking closely at the effects of digital technology on patterns of working life – and at how designers and artists alike are responding to the new realities of a working world that is increasingly distributed and globalised to the point at which the traditional eight-hour working day is becoming irrelevant. This new study is called Time & Motion: Redefining Working Life and it has resulted in an exhibition and a book of essays published by Liverpool University Press. The white paper summarises the work and asks if the 3C's concept remains valid in the new digital economy.

I would like to download a pdf copy of Kinnarps Beyond Time & Motion white paper