Welcome to Work



At Kinnarps, we believe in making life better at work. We see the workplace as a social landscape where people come together in an inclusive and sustainable space for the benefit of all. Our mission is to help create environments that promote well–being, inspire creativity, develop potential and fulfil ambition.

We care about well–being  and work–life balance as much as clever use of space and productivity, because people  are at the centre of all we do.

This presentation describes how we set about planning our new London space in Turnmill Street. Looking at the shifting world of work combined with research into demographic shifts and knowledge based work, we wanted to bring agile working to life in a 'working showroom'.

Building on our years of research with Prof Jeremy Myerson - and in particular his New Demographics, New Workspace book - we created an environment based on a 3Cs concept, with settings for Collaboration, Concentration and Contemplation.

I would like to download a pdf copy of Welcome to Work - implementing agile working