Commercial interior design is an evolutionary thing.  There will always be ‘classics’ – the perennial favourites that never look out of place in any interior scheme -  but each year trends emerge that are either ephemeral or become part of the received wisdom of good design.

These trends are inspired by a melting pot of fashion, cultural influences, film and the economic climate of the day, and it is essential for us to acknowledge and absorb these influences for our furniture to remain timeless, yet contemporary

Christina Wiklund is Kinnarps’s very own cool hunter.  As Colour, Material, Finish (CMF) Manager, part of her remit is to sniff out the rising trends in workplace interior design, via their roots in other creative industries such as haute couture, footwear, film, automotive design and domestic interiors. She makes it her business to keep on top of emerging trends by monitoring fashion forecasts and visiting and reviewing the key seasonal showcases, from Milan Furniture Fair to Chanel’s latest runway show.  If it’s hot, Christina will know about it and will feed it into the mix that inspires Kinnarps’s Colour Studio - the suite of fabrics and finishes that allows our furniture to be tailored to each client’s interior vision.

What are the colour trends for 2016?

What does each colour mean?