Skatteverket (Tax Authority), Stockholm


Light and openness in focus Flexibility, co-operation, communication, technology, environment and openness were the keywords when Skatteverket och Kronofogden (the Tax Authority and Enforcement Service) were to move into their new premises in Stockholm. Two buildings from the seventies became connected through a glazed-in yard and became a welcoming and profiled entrance.

All functions were now at home in one and the same building; reception, personal work stations, conference rooms and canteen. “It was also very important to create an interior with a lot of light and openness”, says Ulf von Berlepsch, project manager at Skatteverket.


Colouring that guides you In the beginning of 2010 all staff are in place in the new premises, that include approx 1000 workstations on different floors and where the colour of the flooring and walls, blue and green, tells you where in the building you are. The conference rooms with funny names “the Elephant” and “the Eagle” are combined with quiet rooms on each floor.

Storage, tables and desk chairs are from the brand Kinnarps and conference furniture from Materia and Skandiform, part of the total Kinnarps product range. “The test workstation and complete solution that Kinnarps demonstrated, fulfilled the requirements”, says Hans Björntorp salesman at Kinnarps. “It was also very important to show that Kinnarps could guarantee the delivery and capacity of the complete project”, Hans continues.

Skatteverket co-operated with Reflex Architects concerning the interior design in the public part; the entrance, the reception, the conference rooms and the canteen. To select supplier for workstations it was decided to invite suppliers to demonstrate their offer and Kinnarps, in partnership with Shape Architects presented an attractive proposal that complemented the customer´s desire for open co-operation, flexibility, openness and easy communication.

Project Facts

YEAR:                     2010
CLIENT:                Skatteverket, Solna

Project group:
Ulf von Berlepsch Skatteverket
Anna Cyrén Reflex Architects
Gunilla Granlund Shape Architects
Hans Björntorp, Kinnarps Interior Stockholm
Peter Samuelson, Kinnarps Interior Stockholm
Henrik Axell, Kinnarps AB
Dennis Rylander, Kinnarps AB