Market segments


The office as strategic opportunity

The connection between the physical environment and business success is obvious. These days, the modern office needs to be inspiring in addition to forming a strategic opportunity and
resource. That’s why it’s important to gain an in-depth insight into your needs, so we can build your unique solution based on a firm foundation. We take full responsibility for every part of
our solutions, from development and production to delivery and installation. This is not only convenient and cost effective; it’s also good for the environment.

The parts that make up the whole

In one of the strongest product ranges on the market, you will find the furniture and accessories necessary to make your solution possible. We supplement our total offer with our premium
, Materia, Klaessons and Skandiform, as well as with products from selected specialist partners. Together, we pride ourselves on being a comprehensive provider who can bring your ideal work environment to life. If you would like to know more about Kinnarps and the benefits we could bring to your organisation, a warm welcome awaits you in your nearest showroom.


Solutions for inspirational learning environments

To us, there is a direct connection between the physical work environment and results achieved by students. In response, we have looked at ways of combining our understanding of new teaching styles, technologies and our expertise in furnishing, together with a sincere concern for the environment. This, along with wisdom gleaned from over 60 years of designing solutions for a diverse range of commercial workplaces, has given us a solid foothold to take fresh steps into the world of education.

Working together – the route to lifelong learning

Everybody who works in schools will know that you don’t get far without effective communication and teamwork. We know what we can bring to each project, but we also know how much better the result would be if more people were given a say. We work together with schools, authorities, consultants and pupils to offer a total concept catering for all stages of schooling, from nursery to university. Incorporating our business philosophy and our extensive programmes of services, we aim to construct a complete solution that answers all the needs of your organisation.

The parts that make up the whole

The strength of the Kinnarps’ product range will undoubtedly allow you to find the furniture and accessories necessary to bring your unique solution to life. Our Materia, Klaessons and Skandiform brands complement our total offer bringing three distinctive looks to the mix. We believe Kinnarps is uniquely equipped to bring life to learning environments. If you would like to know more about Kinnarps and our teaching environments please visit your nearest showroom.