A bike with visions


All major projects start small. Kinnarps has a look at the amazing story about the bike that will become a house...

The idea was conceived at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna when a number of students were looking for a new way to build wooden houses.

"We received lots of interest from construction companies, but as houses are large and expensive and we were unsure whether the technology would work, we decided to test it on a smaller scale," says Atanas Zhelev.

With his two colleagues, Martino Hutz and Mariya Korolova, he presented their concepts to the bike manufacturer AERO and it resulted in a totally revolutionary bike, where the frame consists of 0.9 millimeter thin birch lamellas that are glued together.

"A bike is really the ultimate test to see if one's ideas work. The load and weight can be varied indefinitely."

As wood is a living material, the bike flexes totally on its own, while the fibres provide the necessary rigidity, a feature the trio are now planning to use when the project moves on to the next phase.

"This will be an entirely new way to build sleeker and lighter wooden structures."

The first house will be completed later this year. And if you are not planning to move, then at least you can get to work on the best looking bike.