A richer life


Is work fun and stimulating or has it started to become monotonous? Workplaces with the happiest and most satisfied staff have all the four S's in common. Can you guess what they stand for?

S – Structure. A week has 168 hours. The best way to divide them is by three: 56 hours for sleep, 56 for work (which includes commuting and working from home) and 56 for hobbies. A workplace with a structure that encourages activities and a rich life away from work plays a major role when it comes to general happiness. Our lives should not just be about work.

S – Social. Did you know that social interaction at work is often prioritised over salary? Invest in common activities such as eating breakfast together or taking walks at lunchtime. Such simple things are guaranteed to boost the well-being factor.

S – Stimulation. We all want to learn new things and develop. Workplaces that take advantage of this will have the most loyal and engaged staff. It's basic psychology - the more you get the more you want to give. Many successful companies for instance allow staff to switch work assignments with each other or decide not to have the same job position for more than two years. Ongoing performance appraisals are of course a given.

S – Story. To feel part of a wider context, one has to have in-depth understanding of company values, strategy and plans for the future. What is your company's story?

Source: The Happiness Equation and Inc.com.