Brilliant idea


Researchers are always looking for new environmentally friendly sources of energy. Kinnarps has checked out the hottest thing just now in the world of science: the lamp that's powered by octopus batteries…

Sounds like nonsense? Well, it is isn't. The technique is actually the same as when you see the crests of the waves suddenly light up at night. A phenomenon which is explained by the fact that, when the wave hits the shore, the bacteria react with oxygen - the chemical reaction which occurs causes light to be emitted.

"This is a totally new way of generating energy, something we hope to find lots of applications for in the future," says Teresa van Dongen from the Design Academy in Eindhoven.

The lamp has been given the name Ambio, which means ”go round” in Latin. A suitable name for a lamp which breaks all the rules. The octopus bacteria are placed in a saltwater solution and the lamp is then gently pushed so it sways. And then there was light! This movement causes the lamp to glow for 20 minutes. A perfect light for the workplace that thought it had come up with everything when it came to the environment. Unfortunately, Ambio is still being developed.