Clean up the mess!


There is a myth that geniuses are better at handling creative chaos than others... but it is better left unsaid if it is true or not. But we are entirely sure that being organised and tidy wins out in the long term!

Do you recognise this situation? Your desk is a mess - newspapers, coffee cups, cables and paper everywhere. It not only looks unpleasant, it is also a source of unnecessary stress.
“It is especially important in a workplace that everyone shows each other consideration and keeps documents, etc in order on their desks,” says professional organiser Nina Strandberg.
So what should one think of?
There is a simple yet very effective way to sort out this problem. Rank the papers according to level of urgency: Simply distinguish between those that are in use and those that are not. What documents are needed right now and those that are needed later on. The ones not in need now can be archived in binders and put away. There is actually no reason to have last year's accounts  lying around on the desk month after month... but having said that there is no need to have a clinically clean and sterile desk either.
“A little flower vase or a nice pen holder breaks the mould, makes people happy and adds a personal touch. Green works as a stress reducer so a plant is not a bad idea,” says Nina Strandberg.