Colourful initiative!


When Hildur Blad started the Fixa&dona blog in 2006, the world of interior design had a new player to contend with. Today she is one of Sweden's most prominent interior designers, creating interiors for both private customers and major operators in the field of design such as Kinnarps!

"My first commission for Kinnarps was to create a pop up exhibition at the Wetterling Gallery in connection with last year's furniture fair. Right now I am in full swing creating the final pictures for the launch of both a new product and a new concept that I have been involved in developing. A large part of my job has been the visual communication surrounding these projects, developing pictures to go online and for social media. I have also been involved in selecting a colour scheme for Kinnarps' stand for next year's furniture fair."

It is precisely her unmistakable flair with colour that has established Hildur's name. After ten years in the decorative paints business, she has become something of a colour expert, with a number of colour courses in her CV. For Hildur, the most important tool an interior designer can have is colour.

"Colour predominates over form. You see the colour before you see the product. So you can perform tricks with colour! You can both emphasise and conceal depending on which colour you use."

Are there some colours that are more suitable for furniture than others?

"The smaller the area you are going to add colour to, the stronger the colour you can select without it feeling too much. All colours work in a small format; what is crucial is which colours they are combined with and the room's prerequisites. A piece of dark furniture is perceived as heavier and visually takes up more space. Use a brighter colour if you don't want it to stand out."

What does colour mean for you personally?

"I love colour. I see life in colour and am constantly on the lookout for exciting colour combinations. My customers often comment on the feel that the colour supplies to the interior fittings. Personally, I like creating environments that simply ”are”, which feel pleasant, peaceful and discreet."

Your favourite colour right now?

"Dirty yellow. It adds warmth to my otherwise cooler colour combinations."


Facts: Hildur Blad

AGE: 35.

OCCUPATION: Works as creative director and interior designer at Project WHY. Runs the interior design blog Fixa&dona on Aftonbladet's interior design site

LIVES: Tibro.

CURRENTLY OF INTEREST: A new colour initiative on behalf of Kinnarps.


Photo: Day Fotografi / Sara Landstedt