Five features with Fields


The warm and inviting Fields range was developed and designed by Kinnarps together with the renowned designer Olle Gyllang from Propeller Design AB. It is a contemporary concept, produced in order to offer precisely the type of spaces, environments and functionalities that you are looking for in today's working environments. And which gives you the chance to be creative, social or focused.

So what are the benefits of Fields?

1. The different modules (sofas, easy chairs, pouffes, tables, storage units and screens) can be combined, linked together and placed where you need them.

2. The extensive range, in combination with the large assortment of colours, materials and accessories, enables the creation of personal expressions.

3. The multifunctional thinking produces shared environments, meeting areas, rooms within rooms, creative environments and spaces for concentrated work or private workplaces.

4. It fits well in activity-based working environments (Kinnarps Next Office-ABW) as it offers variation and can be adapted according to the different activities that go to make up the working day.

5. It is a sustainable, Swedish-made range where the fabrics used have no flame retardants and parts of the range are also FCS labelled.

In other words, five fabulous features with the focus on well-being, personification and options, and five good reasons to start thinking about how you are going to furnish with Fields.

Watch the film about Fields: