The most discussed lighting item during this year's Milan Fair was the brainchild of Norwegian Daniel Rybakken. With his ingenious light Ascent for Italian Luceplan, he has made earnest of something that started out as a conceptual idea.

The Norwegian lighting master Daniel Rybakken has done it again.  This time with the intelligent table light Ascent for Italian Luceplan. By pulling the light down along the narrow stem the intensity of the lighting decreases, and a simple hand movement upward increases the spread of the light.  The light is completely turned off in the bottom position. What is ingenious about Ascent is that one only has to see the light once to straight away instinctively understand how it works.
“The movement of sliding the head up for more intense light and down to reduce it is a conceptual idea, but at the same time a very natural movement indeed,” relates Daniel Rybakken.
It was when Rybakken was still a student that he fedexed his portfolio to the CEO at the prestigious lighting company. After this he never heard a word.  But then one day, years later, he got a phone call from the boss at Luceplan to say he wanted to meet and talk.  The first project together was Counterbalance, a wall-mounted light that was a hit at Euroluce 2012 in Milan.  It had the same stylish lamp head that can be seen again in Ascent.
“The idea behind Ascent came about after a meeting with Luceplan in Milan. I sat on the train to Malpensa and thought how Counterbalance could be used in a restaurant or in a library. If the tables stood close to the walls there wouldn't be a problem, but if the furnishings stood in the middle of the room, then there was a need for a light that could be placed directly on the table.  In restaurants there is usually a need for soft and dimmed lighting, while a library table requires stronger intense lighting.  Ascent works in both cases.”
 If you were not a designer, what would you like to work with instead?
“Graphic design, photography and film. And precisely in that order.”


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