Kinnarps is going to get more colourful! Another seven exciting colours will be launched in the near future. We had a chat with Christina Wiklund, product manager for fabrics and materials at Kinnarps, and also in charge of the Kinnarps Colour Studio collection of textiles and materials.

Tell me about Kinnarps new colour initiative!

"2016 is the first time we are launching colours for all materials, including wood, metal, plastic and fabrics of course. You will be able to ”dip” an entire piece of furniture in a single colour. This means a range in harmony with all types of material."

Which colours have predominated historically?

"Navy, black, grey and red have been the recurring colours. However, since 2010, when I brought in lots of new fabrics and great colours, we have been offering a much wider range, so the trend is starting to change. We are seeing strong colours such as orange, green, cerise, purple and yellow. It shows that the customers are daring to choose and invest in colour!"

If you think back, which colours never worked?

"All colours have their periods. When a colour starts to decline we remove it and replace it with a fashionable new colour! We stay up-to-date."

How do you choose?

"By keeping a close look on what is trending! I attend all kinds of trade fairs and trend seminars, for example with Li Edelkoort, who is the top trend guru in the world right now. I also follow fashion houses such as Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren and Chanel. I live with trends 24/7!"

If you were to select a trend that inspires you more than any other?

"I look a lot at folklore in different cultures, where the strong colours dominate."

What is your view of colour psychology?

 "It is incredibly interesting and something that we work with a lot at Kinnarps, how colour affects us."