Put your health first


People spend more and more time sitting still in front of computer screens thanks to the technological revolution – with devastating health consequences as a result. Good wellness programs should be a given at all companies. Kinnarps offers tips on what can be done. Be active!

A major survey – Preventing Chronic Disease – involving 35,000 white-collar employees was conducted last year in Washington, USA. It revealed truly terrifying findings – one fourth had reached life-threatening levels of obesity. The trend is the same the world over, we are less active, more stressed and at risk of burnout. On the whole, this is a ticking time bomb for companies and society as there is nothing more costly than staff on sick leave or who are burnt out. With this in mind, a good wellness program at work is a small investment. Such programs include everything from medical check-ups to personal coaching during paid working hours.

Companies should also adapt the "walk and talk" meeting initiative instead of sitting for hours in the conference room. And seriously, perhaps a big padlock should be put on the vending machine in reception...small initiatives like this can have a major impact. A clearly-defined wellness endeavour not only leads to healthier staff but also makes the company a more attractive one to work at and with. It can never be repeated enough; the most valuable company asset is always its staff.