Video game designers create fantasy worlds and stories. It is not odd then that their workplace is also a place of fantasy. Welcome in to a Romanian spaceship that is under attack!

Could you imagine yourself working in an office full of mystical space monsters? Visiting the offices of the Romanian video games company 2o is like taking a step into one of their games. The architect firm Ezzo Design was given the assignment to create something innovative, unique and incorporating nature in the design - as well as reflecting the actual company operations.
"Our interest was aroused straight away when the customer called us. The result was a spaceship that was invaded by nature and where the main character is the Big Dark Mushroom," says Stefan Lazar from Ezzo Design.
The theme with the mystical nature invasion is a recurring factor throughout the interior. The dark mushroom can be seen here and there on the walls as graffiti and the open landscape is full of luscious greenery that is taking over the office.
The question now is what impact this interior design will have on the programmers at 2o. Will they only be coding video games with spaceships and plant invasions in future?