Sit comfortably - and work better!


Do you have problems concentrating at work? Then maybe you have the wrong interior design around you. If you sit well and comfortably your performance can increase by up to as much as 15 percent. We at Kinnarps sit down in the best easy chair and look at a very interesting survey.

Do you have tension in your back? Problems with your elbows? Or is your concentration flagging? Despite knowing how important it is to have good ergonomics in the workplace, there are a remarkable number of people who are careless and make badly thought-out choices. This may turn out to be costly.

"It is unbelievable how many people who work many hours a week still have the completely wrong task chair or desk. After a while they start feeling pain in their body but they keep going and ignore the pain," says David Rempel, who studies ergonomics at the University of California.

Good interior design demands smart solutions. When they meet the needs of the employees they lay the foundation for a good day's work. Health problems are reduced but we also do a much better job. Today we are often called upon to be good at multitasking. Surveys have shown that a well-planned environment can affect our creativity and efficiency by as much as 15 percent. We are even guilty of fewer spelling mistakes when we improve the way we sit...