Sleepy environments


The meeting room is comfortably furnished and fitted with all the latest technical mod-cons, but you still feel your eyelids slowly closing after a time. What is wrong? Kinnarps can present a technical report that will wake us up out of our slumber.

Most workplaces have always the perfect temperature. Whether it is a hot summer's or a cold winter's day, the temperature is maintained at just under 20 degrees due to ingenious room thermostats and smart insulation solutions. But in the quest to reduce electricity bills, ventilation may suffer. Have you ever considered that it is not possible at times to even open a window at work?

And this leads to levels of carbon dioxide that are much too high. The normal outdoor carbon dioxide reading is around 380 ppm. But in a workplace with poor ventilation, this figure can push way over 1,000 ppm. It gets even worse in a confined meeting room with lots of people. So if you think that you and your colleagues are having trouble concentrating and start yawning in the afternoon, then check the ventilation!