To sit or stand?


According to science there is no discussion as to what is the best option. The answer is yes to both! Kinnarps has a closer look at an exciting survey with astounding findings.

You have likely heard how height-adjustable desks are better for your health. But how much better? The Canadian Preventive Medicine journal recently published a pioneering report in which 23 independent studies were reviewed. This was what the report revealed:

It is good for the heart. Those who can alternate between sitting down and standing are more active and have on average a pulse that beats eight times more in a minute compared to those sitting down all the time.

Better cholesterol levels. The good HDL cholesterol increases while the bad LDL cholesterol drops.

Thinner. On average, those participating in the surveys lost between 2 and 4 kilograms in one year.

Happier. We feel better mentally and have more energy, and there is even less depression, if we can alternate between standing and sitting. If we subsequently return to sitting at a desk full time, our mood changes for the worse.

Summary: But wouldn't it be best to stand up all the time? No, in the long-term, it tires your back and joints and your body also needs to rest. The findings also reveal that certain work tasks, such as concentrated writing, are much easier to carry out sitting down. So the secret is to alternate. Here at Kinnarps we have a range of height-adjustable desks for the best flexible working environment.