Capella is a new type of task chair. Designed to keep your body moving. Sitting correctly is about moving your body. At the heart of Capella is a new innovative FreeMotion mechanism. It provides well-balanced micro-movements in the seat and promotes active sitting. All to help you feel good.

With its unique features, Capella merges everything Kinnarps knows about what is most important when it comes to task chairs. You sit with optimal ergonomic comfort. And it has many adjustment options to allow you to find the seated position that suits you best. The intuitive controls also enable you to easily adjust the chair to your own liking.

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FREEMOTION® makes you move

Sitting correctly and feeling good is about moving your body. Capella’s innovative FreeMotion mechanism creates the best conditions for active sitting through well-balanced micro-movements in the seat. All to help you do more. And feel better. Capella is also a chair that offers a high level of comfort. And the correct support for your entire body. The chair back is carefully designed to follow the contour of your spine. And the seat is designed to suit as many different types of people as possible. Its seat depth can also be adjusted to suit different body shapes. Backrest angle adjustment and lumbar support can be selected for extra comfort. It is easy to adjust the new multifunctional armrests to suit your needs. They can also be moved closer to your body in a simpler and more intuitive way. Capella is an active chair. A chair that adapts to you and not the other way around.

Designed with care

The Swedish designer Johan Larsvall and his team at Idesign have designed many successful task chairs for Kinnarps. Their goal with Capella was to design an elegant and ergonomic task chair based on straight geometry. With care and comfort in all parts. A slimmed back, well-designed seams, floating armrests, an elegant star base and inviting seat. All parts are equally important to completing the appealing whole. Which makes Capella just as comfortable to sit in as it is pleasing to look at. A chair that stands the test of time.

“With Capella, we worked toward attaining a simplicity and purity in both the total design and the fine details. Streamlined aesthetics that meet correct ergonomics. Where the sober shape becomes a part of the simple design, which gives the chair its unique character.”

- Johan Larsvall, Idesign

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Learn more about the unique and innovative task chair Capella. And how it’s created to get your body moving with an active sitting. 

Capella instruction

Functions & options

Capella has a user-friendly functionality. The new-developed levers are positioned to give easy access to all the adjustments needed to help you sit correctly. All to make the chair easy to adjust to yourself and your needs.

Seat height

You can easily set the chair’s seat height to suit you and your height. This is to give your body the best possible support. Adjust the height so that your feet are flat on the floor and your knee joints are in a 90° position.

Seat depth

The seat depth can be adjusted in relation to the chair back to give the best possible seatingposition and support for your legs and thighs. It is good to have 20 to 30 mm between the back of the knee and the seat for the best possible comfort.

Back height

All back adjustments are carried out on the chair back. It is important to set the chair back height so that your lumbar back area is properly supported.

Adjustable lumbar support

Additional lumbar support (ADLU) that augments the lumbar support is available as optional. The lumbar support is adjusted by turning a knob at the rear of the chair back.

Adjustable backrest angle

Backrest angle adjustment (ADBA) is available as optional. This allows you to angle the chair back at the lumbar support. In this way, the top chair section comes closer to your body. This is to give you the best possible shoulder and back support

Locking chair tilt

The chair back tilt can be locked in various positions. The seat is never locked but moves with micro-movements even when the tilt is locked.

Chair tilt resistance

The round lever allows you to easily set the tilting resistance in the chair to fully customise it to your needs.

Low or medium high back

The low back is 600 mm high and the medium high version is 700 mm. Both are height adjustable (90 mm) and can be fitted with a headrest, lumbar support and back angle adjustment. The SafeBack function guarantees a safe return to an upright position when the back support is released from a locked reclining position.


The adjustable headrest (NC) offers full movement functionality. It can be set forward or backward (200 mm) or tilted. It is also heightadjustable (240 mm). The cushion fabric selected is the same as that used in the chair back and seat.


Multifunctional armrest, depth, angle, width and height (90 mm) adjustable. All to find the best setting for your arms and shoulders. The variable adjustment takes place in clear steps and the armrests are easily moved closer to your body.

Plastic star base

The 5-star base is stylish and ergonomically designed with well-marked support for the feet. By resting your feet on the star base, you take the pressure off the back of your thighs to create a restful position. The Black Edition model is fitted with this base

Aluminium five-star base

The White Edition, Silver Edition and Polished Edition are fitted with aluminium star bases.


Capella has a new type of castor which is considerably quieter than traditional castors. They roll easily when loaded and brake slightly when the chair is unloaded. Castors can be chosen depending on the type of flooring you have. The hard flooring castor (CASTNN60 - black with grey wheel guide) is available as standard.

Castor option

The soft flooring castor (CASTNN60SF - black) or glide (black) are available as options.

Gas spring

The standard gas spring (KGAS0 - 130 mm) is made of metal and is available in two finishes, graphite black or chrome. Two gas springs offering additional height (KGAS80 - 190 mm and KGSA190 - 270 mm) are available as options. They are available in black or frosted chrome and can be combined with a footring. Note that the highest model (270 mm) can only be fitted with glides and not castors.


The Capella chairs with the higher gas springs can be fitted with a footring (FR540 - black) to take the pressure off your legs and feet. It is attached around the gas spring and is variably height adjustable. The highest gas spring model (270 mm) is always fitted with glides.

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Swedish-made sustainability

Capella is a Swedish-made task chair with a focus on quality and sustainability. We are responsible for and in control of the whole manufacturing chain, from raw material procurement and production, to transportation and packaging reuse.

With focus on quality

In our accredited test laboratory we make sure that the chair meets international quality standards. This guarantees that Capella offers the best possible task chair quality. With its long durability, the chair also is the best choice for the environment.

The innovative solutions that make Capella so unique include for instance that the new mechanism is made of lightweight material (100% recyclable) and uses less parts than previously. Another benefit is a new production method which separates the different materials used in the chair from each other. This is to simplify the dismantling process when recycling.