La liberté de choix avec des marques de renommée.

En choisissant Kinnarps, vous aurez accès à un large éventail de marques intéressantes. Ces marques, qui sont incluses dans nos solutions complètes, ont chacune une image claire et distincte. Grâce à leur histoire et leur collaboration avec des designers éminents, ces marques reconnues peuvent constituer la base de votre aménagement intérieur ou lui conférer une note particulière.

Chez Kinnarps, nous disposons également d’un réseau de partenaires sélectionnés spécialisés, présentant une expertise notable en architecture du mobilier, ergonomie, acoustique, éclairage, etc.


With nearly seven decades of experience, Kinnarps stands for low risk, competent and complete solutions with focus on function, ergonomics and simple Scandinavian design. Today, Kinnarps is one of the largest furniture manufacturers in Europe and one of the few who undertake the development, manufacture, delivery and assembly of their solutions with their own staff through the complete process. Guaranteeing the supply chain has a consistency of quality and service for all projects at all times.


ERGONOMY SIMPLIFIED. For employees who want task-, visitor- and conference chairs proven for great ergonomic design, innovation and user-friendliness, Drabert chairs deliver a sense of simplicity and comfort that just simply feels right. Drabert is a seating brand steeped in history and experience. It has led the way in ergonomic thinking, delivering the best in German technical excellence with a commitment towards quality and sustainability.

Martin Stoll

EXPRESS YOUR SUCCESS. For executives who want furnishings offering high levels of customization, craftsmanship and top-end finishes, Martin Stoll delivers timeless and elegant management and conference furniture that expresses success. Through craftsmanship and attention to detail, Martin Stoll is a brand that delivers exclusivity. This executive furniture suits managers and management groups who understand the significance of an overall impression to achieve a lasting effect. A more exclusive range for both individual workplaces and conference, the focus on design and function results in executive furniture that can meet the challenges of our time.


Materia stands for the experimental and creative, a brand which stretches the limits for usability and the architectonic. With unpredictability and conceptual design, Materia shapes and facilitates the dynamic processes within the modern company.


Skandiform has its roots in the Scandinavian design tradition and gets its inspiration from nature’s organic blueprint and multifaceted shades.

NORDIC CARE symbolises the Scandinavian heritage of caring for both human beings and the environment. Fundamental values based on democracy, participation and responsibility are clearly reflected in the products.







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