Series[e] Storage

A WORLD OF OPPORTUNITIES Series[e] is a multifunctional storage unit that can be used in most environments; for spontaneous meetings, as seating furniture, room dividers or sound absorbers. The series' modular design, different materials and finishes enables it to be easily customised for both different work environments and personalised solutions. You select both an exterior and interior finish, and get an organised and functional storage unit and, at the same time, a well-designed and practical piece of furniture. Its top quality and classical, stylish design makes it both durable and easy to combine with the other furniture in the room. As it is flexible and easy to adapt, it fits really well in a Next Office - Activity Based Working.

Series[e] Storage - Archiviazione (Ufficio)

2P1000 DO3 BA

2P1000 SDI BAH

2P1200 D3 BA WD

2P1200 D6 BSC WD

2P1200 D8 LSA WD

2P1600 SDI LSA

2P1000 SDI BAM





3P800 GDO BA

MSL800 D3


4P800W DO

2P800 O

Serie e

Serie e

4P400W DO

2P1200 TAH

Serie e

Serie e

Serie e

Serie e