Turning the first turf for new production works

Kinnarps invests nearly 25 MSEK in a new production works in Skillingaryd for manufacturing polyether. The investment will simplify production, reduce environmental strains and improve development possibilities for new products. The first turf was turned today.

A new polyether production line will start at Skillingaryd. To kick the project off, the founder of Kinnarps Jarl Andersson, Branko Vukota, Managing Director for Kinnarps Production AB and Bengt Dahlqvist, Vaggeryd municipal commissioner, turned the first turf at Skillingaryd, where the new production works will be located.

“Kinnarps continues to succeed. Sales have increased by 15 per cent during the past year. This new facility will have a positive effect on production capacity where demand is high due to an increase in order volumes from across Europe. Now we can reduce costs and get better control over production and transportation”, says Branko Vukota, Managing Director for Kinnarps Production AB.

Polyether is used as padding material in Kinnarps furniture and can be compared to foam-rubber. The new production works will account for roughly 25 per cent of Kinnarps total need for polyether.

The site will be about 2000 square meters and be located alongside Kinnarps existing plant in Skillingaryd. The works will be built to strict environmental criteria demanded by Kinnarps, Länsstyrelse (County administrative board) and Vaggeryd municipality. Länsstyrelse is at the moment considering the environmental licence needed for the production of polyether.

The works is planned to be in full production during 2009 and it will generate work for eight to ten people.

(Picture: From left: Branko Vukota, Jarl Andersson and Bengt Dahlqvist.)

“Kinnarps long term strategy is to keep production in-house instead of outsourcing. Investing in this plant is a part of that strategy, in order to strengthen our competitive advantage and safeguard local employment”, says Branko Vukota.


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For more information please contact:
Branko Vukota, CEO Kinnarps Production AB
Mobile: +46 515 382 85

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