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sek 4.50


Our production units

Kinnarps has six production facilities in Sweden. Production and assembly are carried out in Kinnarp, Jönköping, Skillingaryd, Vinslöv, Tranås (2). The largest facility is located in Kinnarp.

Our blue truck concept

We take responsibility for our entire supply chain - from production to delivery. We can deliver and install over one hundred workstations, per customer, per day. Orders within Europe are completed in four to six weeks. We also deliver worldwide. Every day, 24 fully loaded containers leave our factories to deliver workspace solutions designed for prosperity and wellbeing. Instead of traditional packaging, we use blankets and cardboard to protect our furniture. The blankets and cardboard are then returned and reused time after time. This means a saving of 270 kg of packaging per container. Delivery routes are optimised using an advanced route planning system, which is linked to production. We’ve also invested in a modern fleet of eco-friendly vehicles to reduce our environmental impact. Each truck is manned by our Kinnarps fitters. On delivery, they carry in the furniture, unpack it and assemble it. The idea is that the customer has their furniture in place quickly and efficiently with minimum disruption.

Our values form our greatest ideas

"Our Core Values are important to us. They have a favorable effect on our business on many levels - right from how we develop products to how we cooperate with people. They're a direct heritage from my parents, Evy and Jarl Andersson, and contribute to our company’s success."


Sibylla Jacobsson, Chairman of the Board, Kinnarps Holding AB

Responsibility & holistic thinking

Take responsibility, be thrifty with resources and carry out operations in such a way that they can be sustained. Go to the source with problems and find out the real needs for a long-term solution. Understand connections, predict consequences, take all aspects into consideration, evaluate and balance.

Forward-thinking spirit & creativity

Pursue development and always see opportunities. Be creative, dare to be different and dare to do what nobody else has done before. Work effectively, persevere and always strive to do better.


Independence & Expertise

Trust your own knowledge and skills and believe in the opportunities that present themselves. Perform your work in such a way that you can be proud. Strive after personal development.


Honesty & humility

Be open and honest in all communication. Behave respectfully towards all people, regardless of their status or role. Comply with laws and regulations and keep your promises.


Company facts


Kinnarps provides interior workspace solutions for offices and public environments. High quality and low environmental impact mark the entire chain – from raw material to finished solutions for the workspace.



The Kinnarps financial year 2022/2023 resulted in an annual turnover of SEK 4.50 billion (EURO 400 million)



Kinnarps is one of Europe’s largest provider of workspace solutions. Sales operations are conducted in approx. 40 countries with 250 sales points.


Kinnarps has six production plants in Sweden. Production and assembly are carried out in Kinnarp, Jönköping, Skillingaryd, Vinslöv, and Tranås (2). The largest facility is located in Kinnarp.



Group management and operations are located in Kinnarp, Sweden.



Approx. 1700 people work for the Group.


Kinnarps Group designs, develops and markets the following trademarks: Kinnarps, Materia, Skandiform, NC Nordic Care, Drabert and MartinStoll.



Kinnarps was founded in 1942 by Jarl and Evy Andersson.



Kinnarps is 100% family owned by the children and grandchildren of Jarl and Evy. Some of the owners are also active within the company.

The organisation

Kinnarps AB

Kinnarps AB has a number of central corporate departments who work with Group-wide functions, coordination, management and control. These departments also support other parts of the organisation in their respective areas of responsibility. Kinnarps AB also has commercial responsibility and product development responsibility for the Group's product brands; Kinnarps, Drabert and MartinStoll. Kinnarps AB is responsible for Materia Group.

Materia Group is responsible for the brands Materia, Skandiform and NC Nordic Care

Kinnarps AB is responsible for product manufacturing at the three production units in Kinnarps, Jönköping and Skillingaryd in Sweden. Functions, including procurement, logistics, production and technical design, are coordinated to provide the best efficiency possible.

Sales subsidaries

Kinnarps owns a number of sales companies around the world. Each company is headed by a managing director with a national team and other resources to effectively carry out its sales activities. Each company has commercial responsibility for its region.


Kinnarps also employs a network of independent contractual dealers. Kinnarps has approximately 200 sales outlets around the world.

Executive management

Kinnarps AB is managed by the Executive Management Board, which includes:

  • Robert Petersson
    Robert Petersson, CEO

  • Jenny Hörberg
    Jenny Hörberg, Director Global Range & Design, MD Materia Group

  • Anders Hermansson
    Anders Hermansson, COO

  • Joakim Prior
    Joakim Prior, Director Purchasing

  • Nicklas Magnusson
    Nicklas Magnusson, CFO

  • Ann Cederwall
    Ann Cederwall, Director Global Marketing & Communications

  • Dan Molander
    Dan Molander, Director Sales

  • Sofia Modée
    Sofia Modée, Director Human Resources

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