Celebrating 75 years of Kinnarps silhouettes

There aren’t many weeks left until this year's Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair begins (February 7-11, 2017). This year we invite our visitors to participate in an architectural monument to celebrate our 75-year history, our present and our future. Welcome to our stand (A27: 20) and experience Silhouettes of Kinnarps. A semi-transparent construction, where we show our products and services in a unique and innovative way.


Our story began in 1942 when the young couple Evy and Jarl Andersson bought a carpenter’s shop in the small village of Kinnarp. Since then the business has grown step by step and children and grandchildren have played their part in its development. Evy often called Jarl “the Optimist”. They were driven by the belief that anything, however good, can always be improved a little. An approach that is still deeply rooted with us as a company today. All so that our customers who use our products and solutions will feel a little better. And get a little more done. In a long-term sustainable way.

Today we are a large international interior design company, still characterized by the same genuine curiosity and down-to-earth spirit of innovation that drove our founders.

Stockholm furniture fair 2017

Visit us at Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2017 February 7-11 (stand A27:20) and experience 75 years of Kinnarps Silhouettes. A monument celebrating our 75-year history, our present and our future.