Kinnarps and Earth Hour 2017

Tomorrow Saturday, March 25 at. 8.30 to 9.30 pm Kinnarps is once again participating in the world's largest environmental manifestation - Earth Hour. A significant day where hundreds of millions of people in 178 countries together take a stand for our planet.

This year WWF and Earth Hour put focus on inspiring to climate-smart habits, to help to convert to renewable energy and to learn more about why the food we eat and the things we buy affect vulnerable people and places far away.

At Kinnarps we are participating in Earth Hour for the ninth time. We do it to show that we take climate change seriously and to send a signal to those in power to pay attention to this issue. But it’s not enough to turn off the lights for an hour a year, it is what we do the rest of the year that really matters.

Johanna Ljunggren, Sustainability Manager, Kinnarps AB

For us at Kinnarps this means that we, among other things, heat our factories with briquettes made from wood waste from our own production and run our trucks on diesel by up to 50% renewable content. We have reduced our CO2 emissions by 13% since 2014, with the goal of reducing it with 20% by 2020. During Earth Hour, we turn off all lights possible at our production facilities in Sweden and Germany.

Learn more about our sustainability work on our web under THE BETTER EFFECT or learn more about Earth Hour on: or via #ChangeClimateChange!