Kinnarps launches nine new fabrics

Kinnarps is now launching nine new fabrics, chosen in collaboration with leading architects, interior designers and designers. A current trend the group has taken on board is art déco, with inspiration from the early 1900s. "Our new fabrics capture the market's wishes while at the same time connecting with our design history," says Christina Wiklund, head of colours and materials at Kinnarps.

In Kinnarps Colour Studio there are a hundred materials and colours that offer endless possibilities for producing creative, attractive and sustainable environments. The collection is updated every third year, and it was time to do this again for 2017.

"This time we wanted to bring in external architects, interior designers and designers early on in the process, so that we could listen to their wishes and requirements concerning colours and materials," says Wiklund. 

After a number of motivating and creative workshops, the group chose nine fabrics, which have now taken their place in the Kinnarps Colour Studio. One of the fabrics is the elegant herringbone-patterned Fox, inspired by art déco and the 1920s in France. Other fabrics Wiklund is keen to mention include Liv, which resembles linen but is a functional fabric in Trevira CS, and the wool fabric Steelcut Trio, which is quite a favourite with the architects. 

"We have both strong individual fabrics and a unity in which colours, patterns and expressions work together, rather like a basic wardrobe you can vary with exciting accessories," says Wiklund.

Olle Gyllang at Propeller Design was one of the workshop participants.

"It's obvious that, as a designer, I want to be included early in the process so I can make an impact." Kinnarps' initiative is therefore important, because it shows that they are serious about being open and listening to new ideas, thoughts and wishes. I think this is one of a number of good activities that Kinnarps is doing. Their clear willingness to collaborate creates trust and strengthens their position," he says.

About Kinnarps

Kinnarps was founded in 1942 by Jarl and Evy Andersson. Today it is a wholly-owned family company run now by Jarl and Evy's children and grandchildren. Kinnarps delivers interior design solutions for offices and public spaces. The entire value chain is characterised by high quality and low environmental impact – from raw materials to finished workplace solutions. Today, Kinnarps is one of the biggest suppliers of interior design solutions in Europe. Its products are sold in some 40 countries and the group had a turnover of about MSEK 3.8 in 2014/2015.


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