Our family of brands offers a broad and varied range of products. Each brand has its own individual expression, and offers unique solutions for different tastes. All this is done to create comprehensive interior design solutions that focus on sustainability, function and design. We welcome our new products.


With 75 years’ experience, Kinnarps confidently supplies competent, complete, low-risk solutions, with a focus on function, ergonomics and sleek Scandinavian design.

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Elsa is a comfortable and functional table series that suits various types of learning environments. With its soft design and its good acoustic properties, it has been developed for creative school environments with a focus on active learning.

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A well-designed, multifunctional solution – bookshelf, storage and seat all in one. Creates a safe, cosy, flexible nook for the school's pupils. Flexible in its finish – choose between open shelves, flaps or tambours and different types of handles.

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Kinnarps Colour Studio is an inspiring range with materials and fabrics that offer endless opportunities. Among the new products this year, you will see earthy shades like pistachio, rusty red and saffron, as well as new fabrics in which a soft feeling and strong colours are combined with durability, and surfaces that are easy to clean.

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For employees who want task-, visitor-, and conference chairs proven for great ergonomic design, innovation and user friendliness, Drabert chairs deliver a sense of simplicity and comfort that just simply feels right. Drabert is a seating brand, steeped in history and experience.





Claro is a simple and functional task chair. With its ergonomic yet modern design, it fits in naturally in all environments where flexible and sustainable interior designs are required. A selection of backs and upholsteries make it possible to create both durable and creative solutions.

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Materia stands for the experimental and creative, a brand which stretches the limits for usability and the architectonic. With unpredictability and conceptual design, Materia shapes and facilitates the dynamic process within the modern company.

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Hopper is a practical table with a shape that catches the eye. The ability to adjust the height of the table, 535-730 mm, allows it to be customised to different furniture and settings. The function is activated by holding down a button on the upper side of the tabletop.

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Materia_Pilot_conference chair_beige stand_front@2x.jpg


Pilot is a conference chair with well-built comfort and an inviting design. The slightly inclined backrest provides character and, above all, comfort. Details, such as the soft, arched armrests and the opening between the seat and back, create a functional design.

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MATERIA_Rocca_stool_blue grey@2x.jpg


The Rocca stool has a playful shape that helps the body to stay active. The steel tubing gives the stool a minimalistic look, which also makes it unique. The ring allows for movement, and the seat is extremely comfortable.

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Skandiform draws its inspiration from Scandinavian design traditions, reflecting the beauty of nature's organic blueprint and multi-faceted colour palette.

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Comfort and design meet when the new Bolero sofa-series occupies the room. Modern but timeless. With its soft shape and unique details, Bolero gives you the feeling of coming home. Regardless of where you put it.

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Natural design and practical function - the minimalistic Twig is a chair that both blends in and stands out. With a soft, arched seat and a backrest that ends in the stick that gave the chair its name, the Twig chair fits in to all environments that require flexible solutions.


Soft Top_S-1089_white@2x.jpg

Soft top

The Soft Top family is, first and foremost, intended for public spaces with many visitors, and caters to all requirements for flexibility, quality and value for money. With two new barstools and three new benches – with a tabletop connecting one of the benches together – Soft Top is making every day breaks just a little bit easier.

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NC Nordic Care is built upon the Scandinavian heritage of caring for human beings and the natural environment. Fundamental values of democracy, participation and responsibility are clearly reflected throughout the product offering.

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Filuren naturally offers both imaginative play and physical activity. It fits well in various waiting rooms, but suits libraries, preschools and similar public activities for children equally as well. Besides being a fun seat, Filuren is also a storage unit.

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The Gepetto chair combines a playful design with a nicely inclusive feature. It is humorously called "the sms chair", as it has a cupped armrest that is perfect to lean the elbow into, and get a good angle for surfing on one's mobile. The chair is available with a wooden seat or an upholstered seat.

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The idea for the Twist stool comes from geometric polygons - the shapes with many sides. The design is based on the pentagon, which has five sides. Thereafter, different numbers of sides were tested, in order to find that the icositetragon with its twenty-four sides was best suited for a four-legged stool.

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