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Kinnarps is one of Europe's leading suppliers of total interior solutions for offices, schools and care facilities. Classic Swedish values such as sustainability, social responsibility and Scandinavian design characterise the family-owned company. The Kinnarps Group includes the renowned brands Kinnarps, Drabert, MartinStoll, Materia, Skandiform and NC Nordic Care. The company will be exhibiting at Orgatec in Cologne from October 25 to 29.


Nestled in the beautiful nature of Västra Götaland, it is only 1.5 hours drive from Gothenburg. Jarl was a skilled craftsman and talented at turning customer needs into reality. Evy always had an eye for detail and ensured precise implementation. She pioneered sustainability and recycling. Initially, the company, built furniture to order, mainly for architects. Since then, Kinnarps has grown step by step.

Cornerstone of the Bluetruck concept

In the early 1950s, the family invested in its first full range of office furniture and a new factory for modern chair production. In 1959, Kinnarps began delivering furniture in its own trucks and assembling it in customers' offices. By wrapping the products in reusable blankets instead of disposable packaging material, waste could be reduced and a larger number of furniture could be loaded into the truck. This laid the foundation for today's Bluetruck concept.

In 1968, the first showroom opens in Stockholm, followed by London in 1974, which marks the company's entry into the export market. The company also continues to invest in sustainability, reducing heating oil consumption with a heating system that uses wood waste from the factory and developing a process for UV varnishing. Since 1980, emissions have been reduced by 90 percent, because ecological innovation is at the core of the Kinnarps business model.

First height-adjustable table comes from Kinnarps

In 1989, Kinnarps became the first manufacturer in the world to launch the first electrically height-adjustable desk and at the same time expanded its position in Europe - the Materia and Skandiform brands were transferred to the Kinnarps Group. At the beginning of 2000, Kinnarps presents the Next Office® analysis tool, which provides scientific background information and consulting services for the design of individual and demand-oriented office environments. This is later followed by Next Education® for the design of learning spaces and Next Care® for the conscious design of healthcare spaces.

Kinnarps acquires Samas in Germany

In 2010, Kinnarps acquires the Samas Group in Germany, laying the foundation for Kinnarps GmbH and long-term growth in Central Europe. Kinnarps is still 100% family-owned and run by the children and grandchildren Jarls and Evys.

Today, as 80 years ago, Kinnarps stands for helping its customers find the best furnishing solution. Sustainable, ergonomic and well thought-out products and services are the focus of its offering. With its Scandinavian furnishing concepts, Kinnarps sees an answer to the increasing need of many companies to implement holistic space solutions. Kinnarps' comprehensive portfolio of office, seating and contract furniture from its six brands meets every conceivable furnishing option. For its international customers, Kinnarps offers a well-equipped network throughout Europe.

The company's six production sites are located in Sweden and are among the most modern and efficient in Europe. Throughout the production process, from the selection of raw materials to the furnishing of the finished office, the company is committed to sustainability.

About Kinnarps

Kinnarps is Europe’s leading supplier of total interior solutions and workplace design for offices, schools and care facilities. The furniture is characterised by high quality, innovative design, low environmental impact and long lifecycles. The company has been family-owned since the start in 1942, with manufacturing in Sweden and operations in over 40 countries.

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