Client projects: Brain Embassy Czackiego

Project facts

Brain Embassy Czackiego

Adgar Investments & Development Ltd

3900 sq. m.

Number of workstations:

Warszawa, Czackiego Street

Interior design:

Architectural and executive design: 
Archicon Szczesiuk & Wilczek

The curtain is up! Brain Embassy opens a new coworking space in the former premises of Kwadrat Theatre in Warsaw

On 1 February 2022, in the centre of Warsaw, the newest coworking space of Brain Embassy – one of Warsaw’s leading coworking brands – was opened. The building, which for many years housed the headquarters of Kwadrat Theatre, includes not only ergonomic places for work and meetings, but also a modern, multifunctional event space. Archicon Szczesiuk & Wilczek studio was responsible for the architectural works, a team of architects from the mode:lina™ studio from PoznaƄ prepared the interior design, and the complex furnishing of the space was provided by Kinnarps, which has been taking care of comfortable furnishings since the beginning of Brain Embassy’s activity.

Coworking community scenography

Brain Embassy is a brand of coworking spaces by Adgar Investments & Development Ltd, a global commercial real estate owner that offers offices, open- and event space for rent to its clients. Its latest investment occupies a 6-storey building dating back to 1953 with an area of 3,900 sq. m. at Czackiego Street in Warsaw. The arrangement of this space combines the interesting history of the former theatre building with an innovative approach to the working environment, which responds to a variety of needs of modern business. The building meets the requirements of those looking for a modern place to work, as well as fans of design and comfort.

“The client wanted not only to provide members of the coworking community with ergonomics and a variety of places to work and interact, but also to match the furniture with the interior architecture. The rich and diverse product portfolio of the Kinnarps Group and excellent cooperation with the design team made it possible to select furniture in such a way as to, on the one hand, fit in with the atmosphere of the facility, defined by its history, and on the other hand, retain the unique style of furnishings known from the previous locations of Brain Embassy”, says Adrian Karwatiuk, Key Account Manager at Kinnarps Poland.

Theatre of Variety

The former theatre is a building that should be vibrant with life, which is why the first floor features well-equipped conference rooms, a recording room and an open kitchen with a lobby. It is ideal for live cooking sessions. Across the whole building there are theatrical inspirations and references to various forms of creative expression – for example, the themes for the meeting rooms present a wide spectrum of artistic activities – theatre, music, film, graphics.

The diverse selection of furniture from Kinnarps has made it possible to furnish rooms with a wide variety of functions – from open spaces for organising large events for large groups, through rooms for more cosy meetings, to places for individual work involving concentration and focus. The office space at Czackiego Street features many new products recently introduced by the Kinnarps Group, as well as a selection of products enjoyed by members of the community known from previous Brain Embassy locations.

The Anagram bar stool is perfect as a seat for short work with a laptop. Expressive design and refined details make it easy to use them even in the most bold arrangements.

Polett chair is made of natural wood, which makes it solid and, at the same time, extremely flexible. High quality makes the chairs durable and resistant to intensive use.

The Fendo upholstered conference chair provides the same comfort of sitting as in an armchair, while the seat is smaller. A decorative gaps in the backrest make the shape of the furniture lighter.

Ergonomics in the first row

Coworking offices are places used intensively by people with different needs and working styles, so the furniture must be durable and safe, and easily adaptable to the individual needs of different users and different types of tasks and situations. Kinnarps, supporting positive user experience, has taken care of the ergonomics and functionality of the applied solutions. As a result, Brain Embassy can offer members of its community a multifunctional space for collaboration and relationships, which will both inspire and support them in their daily tasks.

Behind the scenes of our cooperation

The collaboration with the Brain Embassy design team and mode:lina™ studio was exemplary. During a series of intensive meetings, furniture for all rooms throughout the facility were selected and then divided into several delivery stages.

The location in the very centre of Warsaw is a great advantage of this investment, but during the delivery it was a real challenge, requiring very efficient logistics from the service team, rapid unloading and fast assembly. Thanks to the loading system used by Kinnarps and the use of returnable packaging, installation of the furniture took 50% less time than it would take for other companies in the industry, which is of great importance when delivering to downtown buildings.

“Kinnarps is not only our main supplier, but also our partner. Thanks to the fact that they have been with us from the very beginning of Brain Embassy, they understand us perfectly and offer solutions that perfectly match our concepts. We are very happy with the overall reception of the project and the variety of solutions, uniqueness of the space and full compatibility of the equipment with the interior design”, summarises Piotr Kwiatkowski, Deployment Manager at Brain Embassy, who coordinated the project from concept to completion.

The historic building of the Kwadrat Theatre in the heart of Warsaw has returned with a new creative space. The renovated building has become a modern working environment inspired by the spirit of the theatre. The understanding of the design concept together with the close and long-standing cooperation with Kinnarps as a partner of Brain Embassy contributed to the creation of this unique place for work, meetings and creative activities.

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