Projekt name:
Brain Embassy

Studio mode:lina™ and Archicon

Adgar Poland

2400 m2 across two storeys



As the prime business district in Poland, Mokotów has an abundance of modern office buildings, but until recently it had been lacking a co-creating space fostering creativity and work efficiency. This changed in September 2017 with the opening of the Brain Embassy in Adgar Plaza One. The developer’s move to create another BE location had been partially in response to a great demand for this type of work environment, but also had come as a natural consequence of the tremendous success and popularity of the first project situated in Adgar Park West, Ochota district. Adgar had recruited tried and tested partners for this effort. The architectural design was created by the studios mode:lina™ and Archicon, while furnishings were selected and supplied by Kinnarps.

"We’ve known for a long time that Mokotów – Warsaw’s premier business district and home to many corporations – is an excellent location for a new Brain Embassy area. We are pleased that this has been confirmed by the local office workers, in a study carried out by Kantar TNS on behalf of Adgar. As much as 91 percent of those polled would enjoy working in an office building with a co-creating space, such as Brain Embassy."

Monika Kaczmarczyk, managing director at Adgar Conference Group and Brain Embassy


Boullée combines the ergonomics of a pilates ball with the grace of an art installation.  Its unique shape counterbalances the monotony of sitting still and provides a dynamic seating experience during which you can move about and balance on the furniture using the weight of your body.  Ideally suited to creative meeting places and project rooms.


5000[cv] is a distinguished chair with an inviting design.  The option on wheels allows you to achieve maximum flexibility in the current rearrangements of the conference room. The chair is stackable.


Polett's natural wooden structure offers solidity, while providing remarkable flexibility. Everyday elegance at its finest, perfectly suited to the modern office.

"We are happy to see our predictions materialise about the Brain Embassy project ushering in a new way of thinking about the office environment. We’re proud that once more Kinnarps has the opportunity to contribute to a creative space designed to attract and inspire people open to new experiences."

Beata Osiecka, CEO of Kinnarps Polska and Head of CEE Region


The second Brain Embassy location, just like its predecessor in Ochota district, has been developed in line with the latest interior design trends, to build natural community spirit, stimulate creativity among members and the flourishing of ideas. "We are delighted that the Brain Embassy has earned so much recognition, not just from the members of its community, but also from industry professionals. In 2017 alone the project received four prestigious awards: Best Coworking Space in Office Superstar, Innovation of the Year in CIJ Awards, Workplace Solution of the Year in Eurobuild Awards and Best Office 2017 All-inclusive with Vibe from Biuro Na Miarę. The success has been in no small part due to our excellent partners: the architects from studio mode:lina™ and Kinnarps, working with us from the start. Twice now Kinnarps has delivered all-in-one solutions in furnishing Brain Embassy interiors at the highest international standard,” Kaczmarczyk was reported as saying.


"Of course, the new place would not be complete without the fan-favourite fixtures characteristic of the first Brain Embassy, namely Boullée, combining the properties of an ergonomic pilates ball and a piece of upholstered furniture, Flex High Back chairs, Cap stools, Frame unique seating furniture, Oberon electric adjustable desks, or stackable chairs 522 suitable for event space. However, thanks to the stylistic variety of the venues within the new Brain Embassy, we had the opportunity to introduce a number of new elements complementing the overall aesthetics. The customer expects solutions offering a mixture of creative and pragmatic aspects, which has presented us with some interesting challenges throughout, but also allowed us to display our abilities to the fullest,” said Monika Miksa, Key Account Manager at Kinnarps Polska and head of the Brain Embassy project.


Brain Embassy Mokotów in Adgar Plaza One takes up two storeys with a combined area of 2 400 sqm and provides working space for 380 people. Amidst its many features and amenities are: vast open plan, event space with capacity up to 180, fully furnished office modules, conference rooms, a dedicated relaxation room and even four outdoor terraces with an exceptional view. Architects from the studio mode:lina™ have fleshed out the overall design with subtle additions intended to stimulate the creative process during work. For example, decor in the conference rooms is themed after the great minds of various disciplines: mathematics (depicted by a large abacus), art (vivid paint splatters on the floor), chemistry (chemical elements), architecture (bricks), science (library), photography (photographic studio), film (film studio), fashion design (tailoring patterns). The individual minor themes culminate in a synapses-filled large multiroom with tables suspended from the ceiling.