Client projects: Groupama Méditerranée

Case facts

Project design: 

Building architect:

Kinnarps, Materia, Skandiform, Martin Stoll and Nordic Care

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Alexis Paoli

Groupama Méditerranée has commissioned Kinnarps to redesign its premises as part of the refurbishment of its head office in Aix-en-Provence. This modernisation project is one phase of the mutual insurance provider's large-scale property development programme to renovate all of its management buildings.

Renovations within the remit of a space modernisation programme

This ambitious project plans envisages the creation of a passageway linking the two existing buildings, as well as a large communal pedestrian precinct of 450 m². The aim for this office space covering 5,500 m² is to provide the 250 employees with a new, bright and open-plan working environment that promotes togetherness and collaborative working.

The project presented here describes the development of the first wing of the building following one full year's work. The second wing of the building, as well as the passageway, should be delivered in a few months' time.

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Providing a modern, environmentally-friendly workplace

The site has been completely refurbished in order to give employees bright, open-plan offices that promote togetherness and collaborative working.

With this modern, warm building, colourful furniture and ergonomic workstations, everything is in place to help create a professional environment that combines wellbeing at work and operational efficiency.

The employees on the Aix-en-Provence site can now enjoy an open office space and an array of supplementary working areas. Every person can find the perfect spot to work successfully - from dynamic meeting rooms suited to project work to training rooms, private conversations, shared desk space and more.

Radical action has also been taken to manage the acoustics by systematically placing divider screens on desktops, installing free-standing partitions at the end of each row of desks, and taking extra measures in the printing and copying areas (soundproofed booth, suspended acoustic panels, etc.)


Offices with a sense of 'feeling at home'.


Interior environments perfected by attractive wallpaper.


Spaces that stimulates inspiration and creativity. 

Functional offices with a sense of 'feeling at home'

The fittings are both versatile and ergonomic with an interior design touch of 'feeling at home'. The interior settings are perfected by bold, on-trend wallpaper with graphic, exotic patterns, and by the choice of high-class, colourful furniture. The design is pleasant and welcoming, and a source of inspiration and creativity. 

A large area containing a plaza

The decision to partially demolish a section of the building was due to the desire to create a pedestrian area supplying an abundance of natural light into the offices.

This area, regarded as the 'plaza, is the heart of the development. This atrium is a real meeting point and a place for dialogue, but is also the building's reception area, the access point to the garden and terrace and the place that connects the two wings of the construction.
So this is why those areas where people tend to congregate including the restaurant area, relaxation area with table tennis, table football and the sports hall are located here.

This part of the construction has been completely covered in metal netting, which appears to decorate it with a sheet of steel lace. The large bay windows also reinforce the omnipresence of nature. The architect decided to stress this presence through an interplay of patterns on the carpets, which evokes the mineral matter in the garden. The fact that this building is located inside a natural park is also highlighted by the use of various wood types on the internal structures and fittings, and by the choice of botanical tones for the furniture.