Client projects: Notarial Office in Warsaw

Project facts

Kancelaria Notarialna Krzysztof Nurkowski Paweł Dąbrowa s.c.

198 sq. m.

1 lipca 2021

Number of workstations:


Completion date:

Classic design with a modern twist - Notarial Office in Warsaw

In June 2021, the Notarial Office of Krzysztof Nurkowski and Paweł Dąbrowa, operating for 20 years now, moved to its new premises, located at the prestigious place in Warsaw. The design and furnishing of the new premises was commissioned to Kinnarps.

Home to the famous Haberbush & Schiele breweries before the Second World War, the revitalised quarter of Warsaw’s Wola district, located between Grzybowska, Wronia, Chłodna and Krochmalna streets, is now a vibrant modern space with many services, residential and office buildings and city squares. This unique place on the map of Warsaw houses the new premises of the Notarial Office of Krzysztof Nurkowski and Paweł Dąbrowa. Its design and furnishing has been managed by the team of Kinnarps Polska.

Ergonomics and prestige

The client’s goal has been to combine a comfortable, ergonomic working environment with an elegant and representative space that inspires an atmosphere of trust. The values cherished by the founders and the team of the office, such as reliability, safety and honesty, have been reflected in the interior design of the premises.

The area of the office is almost 200 square metres. The design and furnishing project has been prepared for a reception area, 2 conference rooms, 2 office rooms, open space for 4 people, a room with 2 workstations where documents are handed out, and a kitchen. After having clearly defined its vision of the project at the very outset, the client put their trust in the experience of the Kinnarps team, showing openness to suggestions regarding furniture selection and finishes. The client also appreciated the effectiveness of ongoing cooperation when, in response to their feedback, they received new options that better met their expectations.


  • Reception area
  • 2 conference rooms
  • 2 office rooms
  • 4 workstations in an open space
  • A room with 2 workstations where documents are handed out
  • A kitchen and auxiliary rooms

Perfect cooperation

The functional concept of the office, the quality of the furniture and the first impression of a modern, ecological and professional interior, inspiring an atmosphere of trust, all contribute to a satisfactory final effect. We have managed to combine all the key functions of a space intended for a comfortable and ergonomic workplace. To top it off, we have used furniture and finishes that build the image of the Notarial Office as a smart and modern business. This project also demonstrates that furniture from brands being part of the Kinnarps Group can be successfully applied not only in typical office interiors, but also in various spaces of different characters and styles.

The Crest sofa provides the perfect balance between openness and seclusion. The back panel is a little higher than the back cushions , both protection from prying eyes but also encourages conversation and interaction.

Fenix ​​combines the comfort of a traditional armchair with the flexibility of a task chair. 

Primo offers unlimited comfort. With or without arms, its slight eccentricity makes this chair an excellent option.


From the very start, we were convinced about the quality of Kinnarps products and services, and we are very satisfied with this cooperation. We received professional support when choosing furniture. We also appreciate on-time delivery and the smooth furniture installation process.

Krzysztof Nurkowski, founder of Kancelaria Notarialna Nurkowski i Dąbrowa
Kinnarps Group solutions used:
  • Desk chairs Plus, desks Series[P], screens Vibe, cabinets Space - by Kinnarps
  • Desk chairs Fenix - by MartinStoll
  • Crest sofa - by Materia;
  • Bolero sofa, Primo chairs, Colt conference table and Dropp armchairs - by Skandiform

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